Welcome to the Bearup Bliss Family Reunion Web Page.

We would like to thank Ginger, Alora, and Jenean, as well as their familys, for sponsoring the 2012 reunion. It was a huge success! We would also like to thank everyone else who gave their time, talents, and effort.

The 2014 reunion is being co-sponsored by Kara Ford and Matt Massey. We are excited and honored to carry on this proud tradition. Everyone is welcome, family and friends alike. We promise warmth, love, and a sense of community to anyone who joins us.

The theme of the 2014 reunion is, "A Return to Our Roots." The focus is going to be on bridging the gap between the different generations and taking time to remember where we all came from. In keeping with this lofty goal we intend to preserve many honored traditions such as the talent show, the golf extravaganza, and the family Olympics just to name a few. We also hope to provoke some change. We are going to be introducing some new events such as karaoke, hiking, and a Sunday morning memorial service focused on members of the family who have come before us. It is our intent to inspire members of the family to move out of their comfort zone. For instance during the pot luck dinners we will encourage family members to sit next to people they are unacquainted with instead of sitting with their immediate family group. It is also our goal to encourage members of the family to congregate near the central pavilion instead of keeping to their own campsites. In this we hope that everyone will grow closer to one another as well as find a deeper connection with their roots.

We are developing this website as a tool in keeping with the theme of the reunion. We hope you will find the content interesting and useful. All the information on the website is subject to change. If you have comments or suggestions they are welcome.


After talking with several people, and in an attempt to avoid the Arizona monsoon season we are going to be moving the reunion to June.

We have reserved the group site at Dogtown Lake from the 19th of June until the 23nd of June, 2014. Save the dates. You are not going to want to miss this.


Please join us on Facebook for up to the minute information.

We are asking for $20 per person 18 years or older to offset the cost of the group campsite. Children and young adults are free. Thanks to those who have prepaid.

Send us your info: